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Hip Hop

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Desert Squad, Hip Hop at its Best, 17 song CD, by Mike, Bosie T and De Shawn.


$ 10.00_



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John Bongiovi (Bon Jovi) Power Station Years 1980-1983, 10 song CD, produced by Tony Bongiovi.


 $ 10.00_

#3764-cd Indie Rock, Punk Rock

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Forty Winks, "To The Lonely Hearts" , Indie Rock /Alt Rock / Punk, 13 song Enhanced CD


$ 10.00_


R&B, Easy Listening

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Nichelle "Millenaire", 14 song CD, featuring The Chameleon,  produced by James "Chameleon" WhiteIII and Nichelle Colvin.

#660355- 0131-26

$ 10.00_


Rock Import (Sweden)

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Daddy Frizz "The Way", Swedish Rock Import, 11 song CD, produced by Martin and Marcus Freij and Macmar Music. More to come....(new)


$ 10.00_


Punk Rock, Young Rock Comp

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"Food Not Bombs" A Punk Rock / Young Rock Compilation  by Silent, 27 song CD, Best Indie Songs,  Punk Rock/ Young Rock


$ 10.00_


Punk-Rock, Young Rock Comp

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"Beginning of the End", Punk Rock Compilation, Indie / Punk rock, 25 song CD, Best Indie Songs,  



$  10.00_


INTENSE-"Midnight Sun" (Rock)

Chris Carter -  (Alternative Rock)

Left Unsaid - Punk Rock

Mark Darrah & Band - Power- Rock

Another Choice's -"Now or Never"

Steve Brosky - "Rock - Blues"

James "J'lahm" Traylor - Rap

Little Brother Big - "Power Rock'n Roll"

The Delta Riders  -   "Blues - Rock"

Jeffrey Valantine - R&B

Michelle Flowers - Somebody Loves You

Ted Pearce and the Nomadic Farmers

Saints of 35th Street - Punk Rock

Michele Cummings - Folk Rock

Classics / Oldies (More Titles)

R.S. - Urban Rap/Hip-Hop

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