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Here comes Another Choice !

From the great city of Chicago

"Now or Never"   The Album

Oliver "DR O" Patton,  Gerald Kelly,  Edgar Davis,   Jazzy K.

  Coming from Chicago, two very talented musicians, songwriters and producers (G. Kelly & Jazzy K) first met 10 years ago at a high school talent show with a dream and grew into a very talented four men group calling themselves "Another Choice" .

  With input from all members about writing, producing, choreography, arranging and promoting, (everyone wears a different hat) they are able to offer different flavors including; Gospel, Jazz, Rap and R&B .  Another Choice is now playing on over 64 radio stations !

B.I.E. Records

Another Choice (Rap & R&B)

Oliver, Gerald, Edgar, and Jazzy K.

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UPC# 6-67449-0730-2-8  (CD)

Rap and  R&B - 15 song CD

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Saints of 35th Street (Punk Rock)

**Best of  21 Touring Rock Bands (mixed)**

INTENSE 's   "Midnight Sun"   (Rock)

Jeffrey Valantine - R&B

Michele Cummings - "Peel" (Folk-Rock)

Left Unsaid (Punk Rock)"3 degrees Lost"

Chris Carter   (Alternative Rock)

Mark Darrah & Band -  "Working for You"

Little Brother Big - "Power Rock'n Roll"

Steve Brosky - "Rock - Blues"

James "J'lahm" Traylor  - Rap

Space for lease

The Delta Riders  -   "Blues - Rock"

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