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Saints of 35th St.  "A Breath Away..."

Steve Trilivas,  Anthony Raneri,  Bluto Fristachi,  Jimmy Doom

  #1035      14 song Album  (Punk Rock 'n Roll)

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UPC # 6-67449-1035-7

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$10.00  #1035

the Saints of 35th Street . The Saints of 35th Street are a four piece punk rock band, formed in July 2000, from Queens, New York. They are quickly becoming veterans of the New York City punk scene, already establishing themselves in such venues as the Elbow Room, Acme Underground, the Continental, and the world-famous CBGB's. They have played countless shows along the east coast, opening for such acts as Marky Ramone and the Intruders. They have just completed a tour of Canada and upstate New York. The Saints are planning on touring the New England area during late summer, early fall 2001, coinciding with their appearance at a benefit for the Rape and Incest National Network (RAINN) in Maryland with hardcore legends Fugazi.

The album has gained accolades from many underground rock magazines and websites, as well as heavy support from local and college radio stations. A Breath Away From My Last has made the "top ten albums" list of many colleges, and as a result, has been recognized by the College Music Journal (CMJ). They are in regular rotation on the rock shows on 89.5fm WSOU, 92.7fm WLIR, and 91.1fm WFMU (where they are scheduled to perform live).

The band is fronted by singer/songwriter Steve Trilivas. He has been in various New York City rock groups before starting the Saints of 35th Street with drummer Jimmy Doom and bassist Bluto Fristachi. Trilivas incorporates his real life experiences into the lyrics of the band's rock anthems. Sometimes gloomy, sometimes wistful, his songwriting is always sincere and full of emotion.

This amazing 14 track cd has a number of catchy songs that'll have you dancing around your room and blasting it at high volumes. The album starts off with the track "Pallbearer" which is tremendously addictive and proves that punk rock is not dead. Lead vocalist Steve Trilivas will also leave female hearts swooning with tales of heartbreak such as "Just What I Needed Right Now" and "Melissa". Although most of the songs are energetic, fast paced rock, the band shows their softer side with the guitar strumming track "It'll All Be Over Soon" and "If I Never". Any fan of rock is sure to appreciate this talented band.

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