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Steve Brosky's  "Limestone & James"

  # 4118   11 song Album  (Rock / Blues / Singer-Songwriter)

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Album Cover

Steve Brosky

UPC # ( 7) 78631-4118-2

About the Artist
Steve Brosky’s been writing and playing songs to audiences in Philadelphia, New York, and his native Lehigh Valley for the past 22 years.

He’s shared the big stage with the likes of Richie Havens, Warren Zevon, Johnny Winter, Al Stewart, and the Beach Boys, but his real home is in the small clubs and local watering holes where he’s been drawing inspiration and perfecting his craft for over twenty years.

He’s been recording material since the early eighties, when he released “Do The Dutch,” a record poking gentle fun at the local Pennsylvania Dutch culture (or lack thereof). The song became a regional hit, and garnered critical praise - Dave Marsh of The Village Voice called the record one of the top ten albums of the year in 1983. His 1995 release, “Any Minute Now,” coincided with a one-man show where Steve portrayed “Hey Man,” a character based in part on Steve’s experience as a Vietnam vet adjusting to life in the U.S. in the ‘70s.

His studio and live bands always include the area’s best musicians - it’s become a local rite of passage to have played with Steve over the years. His latest album, “Limestone & James,” features performances from this pool of talented folks who know Steve and appreciate his work.

His music is based in blues and R&B, and he’s got an alternately gritty and plaintive voice that brings to mind Springsteen, Van Morrison, and Tom Waits. His songs are often populated with characters that are partly autobiographical and partly based on the denizens of the bar scene he’s immersed in. The songs present these characters with a mix of real empathy and humor, two indispensable elements of Steve’s music that have grown out of his years spent behind a mike and a guitar, in the dim spotlight of the corner bar.

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