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INTENSE (band) -"Midnight Sun"

Jesse Bonin, Pat Smith, Harvey Phillips, Scott Blasko

  #7645      12 song Album  (Rock 'n Roll)

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UPC # (6) 60355-7645-2-3 (cd)

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The band was formed in October of 1999 by Pat Smith and Jesse Bonin. Scott Blasko joined INTENSE January 2000. The band created an impressive following (by playing any venue that would have them) in South Florida. Opening for Great White March 26, 2000 and for White Lion April 27th. Opened for a new club The Metal Factory July 21st, 2000.

Band Quotes: Jesse is the creative type. He likes all sorts of music and will listen to just about anything. He writes all the lyrics for the band and designs all of the artwork and web pages. Pat is the driving force behind the band’s success, he drives us all to our limits and shows us that there really is no limit to how far we can go. Always the voice of reason, he makes sure we don't do stupid things. Scott gives the band its back bone, one of the most talented drummers I've ever met. He gives the band a solid base for the music we play, he is the rain or shine man and he never misses a beat. Harvey is the Low end master, A great bass player and all around musician. He is the level headed one in the band, giving us a good balance.

NOW lining up a national tour to promote the album, making exciting rock and roll........ 

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