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Chris Carter's  "Sweet Dream"

  #0846   15 song Album  (New Alternative - Rock)

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UPC# 7-91022-0846-27

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Chris was born in Tuscaloosa, Alabama and was introduced to music at an early age. On his second Christmas he was given a phonograph , and with records supplied by his uncle, a radio DJ, Chris soon developed a lifelong passion for music of any kind.

At sixteen he purchased his first guitar and began playing in various rock and country bands, and in 1989 relocated to Los Angeles, CA to study at Musician’s Institute. As a result he was exposed to a wide variety of music and musicians. Early influences were Miles Davis, Charles Mingus, and Frank Zappa.

After graduating, Chris began working professionally as a guitarist, vocalist, arranger and teacher, playing everything from country/blues to jazz.

In 1992 he moved to Nashville, TN and co-founded Tristessas Fix, a powerful band with a reputation for eclectic hard rock songs and intense live performances. He also formed Babalink, a band that combined rock and pop with the eathy groove of reggae. Recently Chris relocated to New York City where, after recording a series of demos, he recorded his first solo album. The 15 song album, titled "Sweet Dream" is an incredible collection of progressive modern rock / alternative songcraft, with powerful guitar and vocal performances. You will love it!

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