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DELTA RIDERS    "Trouble"

Joe Graziani,  Dale Pridgen,   Craig Lamm,  Dave Owens

  #1322    9 song Album  (Blues - Rock - Funk)

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UPC # 6-34457-1322-2-1

Cool...Carolina Blues Funk Jump Rock

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Originally from Pottstown, PA, Joe Graziani helped form the Delta Riders in Elm City, North Carolina where they are now based. Extensive touring clubdates and festivals will help promote and sell this release by one of the hottest blues rock bands in the South. Previous releases by the Delta Riders generated interest with radio play, live gigs, and several TV appearances in the coastal Carolina areas.

Individually and collectively the band has played with and opened for many top acts, appearing at blues festivals with Bobby Blue Band, Bo Diddley, and BB King,  just to name a few.

This release was recorded at Bradleyhouse Studio in South Carolina, winner of 3 Cammy awards. The Delta Riders will continue their promotion of blues based, rock and Funk.

The Delta Riders  -   "Blues - Rock" **Best of 21  Rock Bands (mixed)**

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