Michelle Cummings

         The Album "Peel"


1. Freedom From Shame
2. Twisted
3. Fragments of Me
4. If I
5. Shopkeeper
6. Angel
7. Mercy of My Muse
8. Bed in Backyard
9. Changes
10. No Time to Waste
11. Hey You
12. Over Her


Today's "Folk Rock"

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BIO / Notes:

Even the hard-to-please Los Angeles music crowd has embraced her music as if her songs were stories of their own.

She has won outstanding praise from several indie critics for producing inspiring, solid music with emotional depth and refreshing honesty.

Compassion, humor and sadness envelop you as her words are sung from somewhere, unmistakeably deep within her heart.

Michele was born in Los Angeles, CA, and loved music as a child. Inspired by the music of Joni Mitchell, The Beatles, James Taylor and Carole King, she learned early on that music was not only a form of art and storytelling, but also one of profound communication. She has traveled the world and her lyrics reflect what she has learned, the reality of life and its many challenges.

A self-taught musician, she learned to write music and play guitar by the age of 12. Her smooth and soul-searching lyrics have captured audiences in Europe, Asia and North America from coast to coast.

She is sure to further enlighten and amaze all of us with the rich sounds of her new album "Peel".

Reviewed by Times-Express News and Rock City News .

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