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Ted Pearce and the Nomadic farmers

  #0598     11 song Album  (New Christian  Rock) 

#0500     11 song Album  (New Christian Pop-Rock)

Ted Pearce and the Nomadic Farmers

Nomadic Farmers  #0598

Big Methuselah #0500

UPC# 6-67449-0598-2

UPC# 6-67449-0500-2

Ted Pearce and the Nomadic Farmers

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Coming in at #2 on the Living Rock Radio indie charts, The Nomadic Farmers debut CD is aimed at filling the void between generic-sounding CCM and hard-core/punk with a sound that is uniquely Texas! They are described as "nuclear Barbequed psychobilly" because this CD is a marriage of modern/classic rock with Texas blues that is uncompromising in it's message. In other words, they will use any style of music to get right in your face about Jesus! Big Methuselah's 11-song CD is getting radio worldwide. With incredible songs like "Breathe Into Me", "Step of Faith" and "My Child" (reached #1 on WITR-FM in NY) My Self  went to #4. "Psalm 2" has reached #3 at KNLR in Oregon and many more stations are discovering this band from Dallas is an indie with a major sound...
WOW! Are these guys good! If you like down and dirty blues, with a gospel twist, this is the record to purchase. These guys are as good as any band doing blues that we've ever heard. Keith Mohr of Broken Records.

You've heard about them, you've read about them...and this is it!

The Nomadic Farmers debut CD is aimed at filling the void between generic-sounding stuff coming out of Tennessee and hard-core/punk coming from California with a sound that is uniquely Texas!  They are best described as "nuclear BBQ'd psycobilly" because it is a mixture of classic American rock, Texas blues, British pop, and psycodelic jazz that is right in your face about the need to surrender your life to Jesus! Big Methuselah's musical style is  somewhere between CHR & powerpop, though they've been labeled as "alternative rock" by many radio stations. The band released an 11 song CD in June 2000 and to rave reviews and airplay on many stations around the nation. Power FM still  has Breathe Into Me & My Self in the rotation. Step of Faith & My Child went to #1 on WITR in Rochester New York while "My Self"  reached #4. At KNLR-FM in Oregon "Psalm 2" reached #3 . For more detailed info see the "charts".



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