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James Traylor aka "J'Lahm" was born on the S.E side of Grand Rapids, Michigan. J'Lahm has always cared for the average "Joe" and is always ready to provide a helping hand.
While helping out as a volunteer at a church meeting, he met the music master, Jeffrey Valantine and very soon they were writing music together. Immediately, they hit it off with the hit "When I had no Money" followed by "Eyes Toward Heaven" a song of hope and faith. "I Love My People" is a song that people of all nationalities can relate to and is sure to be a great hit. "Sunny Dayz", a great song, about a girlfriend that never gave up when the chips are down. jlahm2re.jpg (16189 bytes)
Already very popular in Grand Rapids and in the Chicago area, "J'Lahm" is now ready to take on the world market and will be touring in the USA to promote his Album and B.I.E. Records will be there! For further information about "J'Lahm", 

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Saints of 35th Street (Punk Rock)

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Michele Cummings - "Peel" (Folk-Rock)

Left Unsaid (Punk Rock)"3 degrees Lost"

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Mark Darrah & Band -  "Working for You"

Little Brother Big - "Power Rock'n Roll"

Steve Brosky - "Rock - Blues"

James "J'lahm" Traylor  - Rap

Ted Pearce and the Nomadic Farmers

The Delta Riders  -   "Blues - Rock"

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