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Jeffrey was born in Grand Rapids, Michigan but both of his parents came from Mississippi for economic opportunity.
He started playing an acoustic guitar at his aunt's house at the age of 9. By the age of 11 his mother would buy him his first guitar for $35.00.
He worked a paper route for a few years and was able to afford his first semi-professional guitar at the age of 14.  By the age of 16 he bought his first professional "Fender" guitar.

At the age of 17, Jeffrey was playing the local club scene on a regular basis and was making a "buzz" in the local music community. He was discovered by (the late) Bobby and Tommy De Barge and was asked to became their guitar player. He learned the "art of recording" from Bobby and Tom and soon was writing and recording his own music.

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Jeffrey Valantine worked with the best in the music business and was influenced by Jimmy Hendrix, Prince and Charles Singleton.
By the age of 22, he recorded his first hit "Lonely Room" and was very busy producing hits for other artists at "Grand Land Entertainment",  his production company.
Jeffrey is a talented musician, artist, producer and songwriter. Together with Michelle Flowers (Gospel Artist) and J'Lahm (Rap Artist) he will be touring the United States, United Kingdom and the world market to promote his albums and BIE Records.

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Saints of 35th Street (Punk Rock)

**Best of  21 Rock Bands (mixed)**

INTENSE 's   "Midnight Sun"   (Rock)

Michele Cummings - "Peel" (Folk-Rock)

Left Unsaid (Punk Rock)"3 degrees Lost"

Chris Carter   (Alternative Rock)

Mark Darrah & Band -  "Working for You"

Little Brother Big - "Power Rock'n Roll"

Steve Brosky - "Rock - Blues"

James "J'lahm" Traylor  - Rap

Ted Pearce and the Nomadic Farmers

The Delta Riders  -   "Blues - Rock"

R.S. - Urban Rap/Hip-Hop

Jeffrey Valantine - R&B

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